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April 12th, 2008

06:09 am - Webcomic fanarts
Where do webcomic fanarts go? Fan Quarter or SF&F?

I'm not talking about huge, well-known webcomics such as Inverloch, Applegeeks, etc. I mean small, obscure comics. Intuitively, I'd think they fit in the same category as "friend's character" (I AM friends with some of the authors after all XD) but I'm not sure.

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March 29th, 2008

07:30 am - Rules Addendums/Changes

I was recently notified that over half the pieces in my gallery were "borderline", and were going to be removed.  I've looked into the rules regarding this (and had a several page e-mail discussion with a member of the ERB), and I find that the rules in question seriously need to be revamped and/or changed, or removed entirely.  However, every time I attempt to send that message back to the ERB (to either address with which I was corresponding earlier), the e-mail bounces with "permission denied".  My question is this:  to whom do I apply/lobby/complain in order to attempt to get rules modified/changed?

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January 21st, 2008

07:54 pm - HTML use in Wyvern's Library
In the rejection mail of my last story, the moderator said I should not use MS Word to make HTML-files. Since I used Ms Word for all my other uploaded stories, I am a little bit confused. The lay-out of the story looked fine when I hit 'view' so I'm not sure why MS Word isn't good, but I'm sure there's some perfectly good reason I'm not aware of.

If using MS Word to make your stories into HTML-files is discouraged, I take it this should at least be mentioned somewhere in the rules. My question is mainly: I found no mention of it anywhere in the rules, the story upload page, FARP or any other place. Did I miss it? There should be some way for people to find this out, right?

Let me stress that using MS Word was not the reason why my story got rejected, there were other issues. But if a moderator finds it important to warn me off MS word, there's got to be something about it.

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April 3rd, 2007

01:25 am - Violence/gore question (SF&F)
Two violence/gore related entries in a row...

Anyway, I was wondering if this picture would be too gory for Elfwood?


The blob in the foreground is the vampire guy's heart. Since the heart is blurred and rather ambiguous in visual (although with text description, it would be clear), would this be acceptable in SF&F?

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January 23rd, 2007

12:19 pm - Solutions for Borderline Art
This has been puzzling me for some time, so I finally thought I ought to ask. I like to draw my characters, but unfortunately pictures of my immortal-mages-who-dwell-in-a-magical-dimension are considered borderline. This is because, although they dress in flowing robes, my characters basically look human. Since only 50% of my gallery is allowed to be borderline, I've been trying to think up ways to make as many of my pictures as possible 'clear'. Also, I want to be sure which of my pictures are borderline, and which aren't.

Here are my questions:

1) If I draw a portrait of a character, and include a dragon/monster/imaginary creature in the border, does that stop the picture from being borderline? For example, is this picture considered 'clear' because the dragon is an obvious fantasy element, or borderline because the dragon is just decorative, rather than 'real'?

2) If I have a statue of a dragon/monster/imaginary creature in the picture, does that count as an obvious fantasy element, or is the picture still borderline, because statues of dragons etc can exist in real life?

3) Do red/gold/purple eyes count as an obvious fantasy element (like in this picture, for example)? I'd guess that red eyes would, but I'm not sure about gold and purple eyes, and also, since eye-colour might be something that's easy to miss, it might not be considered an obvious fantasy element.


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January 10th, 2007

03:41 pm - Ticket approvals + Gaiaonline

How does the ticket approval thing work? When a ticket contains stuff that should be approved and stuff that shouldn't be, what's supposed to happen? Does everything in the ticket get disapproved? Or do the "OK" materials get published?

I just got a SF&F ticket disapproved because two of the pictures contained characters that should be in the FanQuarter. The third picture was kosher for SF&F. I'm just worried that because all three pictures were done for the same art contest (which I mentioned in the description), maybe a moderator thought the third picture too was FanQuarter material.

Speaking of FanQuarter, please post a working link to the moderator's dictionary? Sometimes it's not daylight-clear whether or not something's considered fanart, and it's not cool to wait for 40+ days to find out. ^_^;


A related issue -- my ticket got disapproved because two of the pictures contained characters that represented Gaiaonline avatars. I find this strange. Consider this case:

Smith has created his own universe in which he RPs with his friends. He wants to commission artists to draw his RP character, but finds that artists generally prefer to have a visual reference. Then he comes across gaiaonline.com, and discovers a solution to his problem: create an avatar that looks like his character, and have the artists draw from that!

The character exists outside of gaiaonline.com. He has nothing to do with the official Gaia plot/ the world they use in the official plot. Therefore, the resulting art is not a fanart in my opinion. Yes, the artwork will be based off the avatar, but how is that any different than a commissioner providing a picture of a Final Fantasy character and saying, "my character looks a lot like this, except change this and this and this" ? (To make things clear, I'm not talking about RP characters that exist in the Final Fantasy world)

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July 26th, 2006

03:43 pm - Definition of Sci-Fi and Fantasy
I'm a slightly annoyed with the definition of Sci-Fi/Fantasy that's going 'round Elfwood. Most of my art is "fantasy" art, but more towards boardline fantasy than "OMG" Fantasy. Many of my characters exist in a fantasy environment, but because I am just drawing characters for other people (for free) and would rather not put in backgrounds, if they're human and non-magic, they generally get rejected-- especiall if the person asks for a non-magical pose.

For example, one (old, old) drawing of mine that's been rejected before was Isis... I was told if I put a castle in the background to make her seem more like the Human Ice Queen she is, then it would be acceptable. I did this and wrote a description of how she was a fantasy character, had it rejected again. I've since given up on that image. While she's not the same quality of art as "The Goddess Art" of Jonathon Earl Bowser... when you boil it down (*cringe* No offense to JEB), his art is mostly just a pretty lady in a pretty dress in a pretty setting... but it's considered fantasy and I doubt it'd get rejected at Elfwood.

I've seen consistant approval of other drawings that are similar to pieces of mine, but the only difference between their characters and mine are the pointy ears... leaving me nothing more but to surmise if I slap a pair of pointy ears on a drawing I had previously submitted that was rejected, it would be approved. I've seen other things like 4x4 Trucks done in 3D or computer cases decorated in skulls get approved, but I can't get my sculpted skull-pumpkin approved because it's "not fantasy". If I do a portrait of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings and submit it (as fan art), everyone would know that the human was fantasy. If I draw one someone's human DnD character, it would get rejected. It's irritating.

I did end up victorious once when I was told "gypsies are not fantasy"... and re-submitted with various gypsies in fantasy settings in my description... but 90% of the time, my items get rejected. It's getting to the point I don't want to submit anything because I wait 2-3 months to get published and get a rejection notice.

Besides the official "must be fantasy or sci-fi art", is there some set rule to getting artwork approved? Does anyone else seem to feel a double or unclear standard when it comes to measuring the Sci-Fi or Fantasy merit of an illustration?

I understand most of it is based on moderator judgement, and I don't want to knock the mods... but it'd be nice if there could be some consistancy. If someone could help me to better discern what the general rule the mods go by in instances where there's some grey area as to whether or not a piece is sci-fi/fantasy, that would help me out oodles.


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June 22nd, 2006

10:57 pm - Boundaries of fantasy...
New here. I've gone and gotten myself into maskmaking, and like most of my art, the masks tend to have a fantasy theme. (Those two in my icon are the first two I hope to put up, a demon of sorts and a somewhat abstract fairy.. thing.) I've also got a mermaid, a goblin, and a green man in the works - and fantasy as those themes are, I'm sorta iffy on whether masks themselves can constitute fantasy.

Granted, I could Borderline it and claim that they're the masks of the Unseelie ball, and it wouldn't be untrue (that was my inspiration for the fairy mask), but I'd rather know if an image of a fantasy mask could get in on its own merits. Consider this logic - the mask itself is obviously no less fantasy than a sculpture would be, and many a goblin sculpture's gotten into Elfwood without issue (rightly so), but is the theme of the mask enough by itself, considering that the intended 'content' is somewhat abstracted?

Second, what about the other elements of the picture? Some of the designs I'd hope to put up by photographing the mask on a simple backdrop (I've been using a silk skirt). The masks in my icon, by contrast, I'd post by submitting the photo of the costumed couple. Do you think either of these situations would cause problems with the mods?

Here are two (very rough) samples of the masks -

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v54/hamadryad/temp/prom02.jpg - Demon & Fairy - I'd be Photoshopping the truck out of this image (I have all rights and permissions, models are over 18).
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v54/hamadryad/temp/goblin1.jpg - Goblin - This mask is now painted, but this is reasonably similar to the composition I mentioned.

Thanks a lot - I'd really appreciate any advice I could get.

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May 28th, 2006

02:48 pm - Da Vinci Code
I've been wondering over this for a while.

Would the Da Vinci Code qualify as fantasy? I've asked a few people, and while some aren't sure, lots of them say that it's COMPLETE fantasy. Would a Da Vinci Code pic get on Elfwood?

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May 26th, 2006

12:18 pm - Another question
Hello! It's me again! I have lots of annoying questions, I know ;) But I hope someone can actually answer this one.

I'm just wondering if my picture has too much graphic violence to be uploaded to Elfwood (which is all good, I'll just censor it or not upload it, it doesn't bother me :) ) Just considering I'm going to be taking on a lot of dark matter in the future, I would like to know where the exact boundaries are. I know in the rules it says decapitations are ok (I think, from when I looked at them last) but entrails are where the line is drawn. What about bloody pulpy bits? >:D


EDIT: Just so you guys know, this was accepted so I guess this level of gore is ok :) And it was processed real fast too! Thanks for doing that so quickly, mods!

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